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Tales From The Creepery 

For more insight into the making of Tales From The Creepery, watch the postmortems where the playwright, Richard Curtis, converses with his cast and crew about the genesis of each play and the challenges of performing them.


Episode 1: You Have a Guest

It isn't a sin to fantasize about your wife's sister...or is it?

Episode 2: Get Well Soon

A hospital cardiac ward is the last place you would expect to hear a political quarrel.  For Stanley Finster and Roy Janssen, it may well be the last place they hear anything at all.

Episode 3: Affair of the Heart

Roger Barskin left his wife in a doctor’s care. Perhaps the doctor cared a little too much.

Episode 4: Table Reading

Clifford Dimsdorp says hes been ripped off. If he can't get his money back, he'll take his refund in blood.

Episode 5: As I Lay Peeing

Was it a simple medical procedure? Or was it Robert Tandry’s descent into the jaws of Hell?

Episode 6: Rogue Restroom

Boy meets girl in the unlikeliest place – a unisex bathroom, where nothing functions the way it’s supposed to.

Episode 7: Driven

A drive to the country club in a luxurious limo takes a sharp turn into the terrifying unknown.

Episode 8: Have a Nice Transaction

When Stuart encounters a vagrant at the bank, he hears a hard luck story.  Whose hard luck, he is about to find out.

Episode 10: Is it Hot in Here or is it Just Me?

Just how hot is Hot Yoga? Marty’s love-starved wife Laura is about to find out.

Episode 9: Trash Talk

A chance encounter of two neighbors disposing of their garbage produces the sickening odor of danger.

Episode 11: The Client From Hell

The aliens from another world traveled the universe looking in vain for an intelligent race.  At last they came to the planet Earth, but alas... they found none there, either.

Episode 12: The Man in the Shuffle

Ralph Miller will do anything to get rid of the voices in his head – anything. Anything!

Episode 13: Godhead

Godhead is the title of a favorite painting that Madeline, the artist, sold in a moment of weakness. Now she wants to meet the man who bought it, to discover if he is worthy of his masterpiece. Is he?



A dozen audio dramas conjured out of the  imagination of author, Richard Curtis. Everyday places and situations are the backdrops for tense and unpredictable confrontations. A chance encounter between neighbors in their building’s trash room; a routine visit to a yoga class; a friendly chat in the cardiac recovery ward of a hospital – twelve commonplace moments escalate into tension, violence - and even death.  Patterned after such classic horror radio programs as Inner Sanctum and The Shadow, every tale from The Creepery promises to wrack your nerves to the breaking point.

Richard Curtis

Creator and Executive Producer

Richard Curtis.jpg



Steve Mecca

Producer & Cast

Steve Mecca.jpg

Episode #1, You Have a Guest as Leland

Episode #2, Affair of the Heart as Roger

Episode #3, Table Reading as Carter Meemvogel

Episode #4, Get Well Soon as Roy

Episode #7, Driven as Dave

Episode #8, Have a Nice Transaction as Stuart

Episode #9, Is it Hot in Here... as The Teacher

Episode #11, The Client from Hell as The Agent

Steve Mecca has been traversing from the stage to the control room for over 20 years. His experience as a performer and artist in consonance with his technical skills makes him a true professional. Steve has had a hand in the production of almost everything he has had the opportunity to be a part of. In Tales from the Creepery, Steve has contributed the performances above along with mixing, editing, sound design, original music, and marketing.


To find out more about his work, visit or 

Megan Simard


Megan Simard.jpg

Episode #2, Affair of the Heart as Sandra

Episode #3, Table Reading as Andrea Torkle

Episode #4, Get Well Soon as Nurse

Episode #7, Driven as Heather

Megan Simard is an American Actor, Writer, Voice-Over Artist, and Vocalist. Originally from Cumberland, Rhode Island, Megan graduated with honors from Wagner College, where she majored in Theatre/Speech Performance with a Concentration in Musical Theatre and a Minor in English. A seasoned performer on both stage and screen, Megan is best known for playing the title role in the award-winning animated short, "Dr. Mantis: Insect Analyst." She was a lead and contributing writer for The Rob Bartlett Radio Comedy Hour as well as a founding member of the sketch comedy website

Constantine Pappas


Constantine Pappas.jpg

Episode #1, You Have a Guest as Leonard Straker

Episode #2, Affair of the Heart as Dr. Alan Hesketh

Episode #3, Table Reading as Clifford Dimsdorp

Episode #4, Get Well Soon as Stanley Fimster

Episode #5, As I Lay Peeing as Robert Tandry

Episode #6, Rogue Restroom as Steve

Episode #8, Have a Nice Transaction as Leon

Episode #9, Is it Hot in Here... as Marty

Episode #11, The Man in the Shuffle as Thomas Gomez

Constantine Pappas is a seasoned performer, having entertained all over North America and throughout the world. He has been seen performing across Europe with Viking Cruises as a lead performer and in the national tour of “The Phantom of the Opera”. Critics have claimed Pappas has "great singing and an always upbeat confidence" and "fine comic timing". Some of his other theatre credits include: A Comedy of Tenors, Into the Woods, First Date, Jesus Christ Superstar, Il barbiere di Siviglia, Once On This Island, Carmen, Les Miserables, Pagliacci, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Titanic. Special thanks to God, Mom, Dad, Chrysanthe, Evangelia, and Mandy for always being the support unit you are. He is represented by Avalon Artists.

Mandy Leigh Thompson


Mandy Leigh Thompson.jpg

Episode #3, Table Reading as Janine Puddy

Episode #4, Get Well Soon as Stanley Fimster

Episode #5, As I Lay Peeing as Penny

Episode #6, Rogue Restroom as Wendy Jansen

Episode #9, Is it Hot in Here... as Laura

Episode #11, The Man in the Shuffle as Detective Angela Castro

 Mandy studied Acting and Theatre Education at Emerson College in Boston. She’s a principal cast member on RUTHLESS SPECTATOR PRESENTS on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO written by former Saturday Night Live Head Writer, Andrew Smith as well as the ROB BARTLETT RADIO COMEDY HOUR filmed and recorded live on ABC DIGITAL and THE OG NETWORK . She also tours the country as a “Bartelette” and a core member of Ruthless Women Sketch Comedy. She’s played “Natalie” in Next to Normal alongside Broadway leading lady Sarah Litzsinger at the Adirondack Theatre Festival. She reprised  “Natalie” at 7 Angels with Semina DeLaurentis, where she’s also played “Annie” in Over the Tavern and “Logainne" in Spelling Bee. She recently performed in The Who's Tommy in concert (Michael Seelbach, Matt Farnsworth, Jeremy Kushnier, Tricia Rapier). Other Credits include NYC: Eddie and Palaceades (Mary), Dixieboy Firecrackers (Althea), Almost, Maine (Ginette), Urinetown/ Drunkintown (Hope). Regional: Doubt (Sister James),The Hundred Dresses,( Maddie), Proof (Catherine), Freckleface Strawberry (Emily). Film/T.V.:Lifetime Movie Network: I KILLED MY BFF; V-Day Film BREAK THE CHAIN (Debbie Allen/ Eve Ensler); Commercial. As Founding Artistic Director of Lenka Peterson Players, Mandy's played "Eleanor"/Bizarbara" in Starmites and “Sally” in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. She is also the founder of T.H.R.I.V.E. Arts with Broadway's Marissa Perry! Proud member of Actors’ Equity Association (AEA)!

Peter Dichter

Narrator, Script Consultant & Cast


Episode #7, Driven as Reynolds

Episode #11, The Client from Hell as Garto

His own Marketing Agency (Peter Dichter & Associates), specialized in niche marketing, product positioning, consumer segmentation, licensing and image. As a writer, Peter’s Principles, a monthly trade magazine column and commentary on the fragrance and cosmetics industry was the most-read column in the magazine. He has written and developed corporate Web sites, magazine articles for various publications and Public Relations brochures. After retiring, Dichter spent two years studying at the New York Voiceover Academy where he was in the designated category “Voice of God”, becoming valued for his ability to do Narrations. Peter is also a member of three choirs where he's valued for his powerful low F.

Gary Bullock


Gary Bullock.jpg

Episode #12, The Man in the Shuffle as Ralph Miller

Some favorite stage roles include: "Alex" in the world premiere of Like An Old Song by Larry Dean Harris, at the Hudson Theatre, Los Angeles, and the "Professor" in Ionesco’s The Lesson at the Majestic Theatre in Boston,  His most recent film role was “Cooper” in Warner Bros’. Racing Stripes. He and his mate, Mil Nicholson, have worked and played together joyously in life, as artists-in-residence, on stage and film, and most recently, recording audiobooks.

Mil Nicholson


Mil Nicholson.jpg

Episode #12 The Man in the Shuffle as Dr. Annette Trimble

Mil Nicholson found her passion for theatre at age 7, as “The Crying Faerie”. Amongst her many favorite roles is “Doris” in The Owl and the Pussycat with love-mate Gary  Bullock. She now performs audiobooks in her home studio. Her nine Charles Dickens novels, each with over 50 distinct voices, have garnered more than one million downloads. She most recently recorded “Lion of Ireland”, a best-seller novel by Morgan Llywelyn. Mil considers the theatre her second home, and now the sound booth her stage. 

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